Inspired by @shanaz
  1. Whole Foods magnet
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  2. Magnet from the candy store in the Outer Banks, NC that sells the best fudge I've ever eaten in my life
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    I have two of these actually
  3. Save the Date magnet from a friend's wedding in 2014
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    We didn't end up going to this wedding
  4. A list pad and a weekly planner pad
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  5. Best friend magnet with the words of a song I used to sing all the time at Girl Scout camp
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  6. Benihana photo of @JohnConroy and I with an "IT'S A GUY THING" magnet (?)
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  7. Wedding invitation from some other friends who got married in October
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    We didn't go to this wedding either, but I really like the design on the invitation.
  8. NASA bottle opener magnet
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    A gift from my brother, who lives in Houston
  9. James Dean magnet
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  10. Christmas postcards from a comedian friend with a hand written message on the back
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