Pretty self-explanatory. Most of these conversations were nothing like they seem from these. Most...
  1. "...I'll be your Bruce Campbell"
  2. "I really think PTSD and Abnormal would be for the best"
  3. "Hopefully it's not surprise porn"
  4. "Well yeah demons are supposed to be super powerful but that dude had a point about her living with full life in their world"
  5. "There are wide openings everywhere out here"
  6. "I'm sure it's against at least a few laws"
  7. "Soooo many hallucinations lol"
  8. "I woke up, and it just exploded"
  9. "And we get the bonus of being able to be stupid without making anyone angry"
  10. "I just gave up and took it. It was too hard not to"
  11. "I'm almost positive it spills out the butt"