1. You killed a chicken
    ...and now the whole town wants to "rip your heart out."
  2. Falling off a mountain
    ...you thought you could take a shortcut.
  3. Accidentally hitting the shout button in a city
  4. Fucking with mammoths
  5. Everything is going to hell in a hand basket and you forgot to restock on healing potions
  6. Fighting NPCs that don't die
    I am literally destroying you but you just get tired.
  7. Your horse does this
  8. You accidentally kill a guard who's in the way while fighting a dragon
    ...now everyone is after you. You feel unappreciated.
  9. One Drauger Deathlord, two Drauger Deathlords, three...
    Four...shit. RUN.
  10. Mages that throw ice spikes.
  11. Killing the beloved town chicken.
    You just wanted to try out that new recipe.