I'm not currently using Tinder but when I tried it for about 2 months last year I noticed some patterns in what dudes had in their profiles. Honestly, I probably swipe right 1 out of 50 people. :p
  1. Blank description
    Just write one line! It doesn't have to be particularly creative. I just want to know you can write sentences.
  2. Music is listed as a thing you like
    Who doesn't like music?!
  3. You mention Netflix + chill
    Stop it.
  4. "I'm into EDM"
    I honestly didn't know what this was until I used Tinder and had to look it up because it was in SO MANY profiles.
  5. Three paragraphs about how you're searching for your soulmate and the perfect girl could be you
  6. Holding up a fish
    Wtf, why?! Maybe because I live out in the country, but 1/3 of dudes have a fish pic. Nope.
  7. All of you're interests are intense, outdoorsy activities
    Hiking, rock climbing, hunting, kayaking, skydiving. Good for you but I'm not going to go die in the wilderness.
  8. Description is a quote or poem
  9. Shirtless pics
    You're obviously a gym bro.
  10. Writes about how stupid it is that you're on Tinder
    ...Well, you are.
  11. You aren't smiling in even one photo
    You obviously are a serial killer.
  12. Giphy