in other, more descriptive words, foods of summer
  1. lobster roll
    i don't eat lobster rolls, hell I don't eat lobster at all, but like, it's summer. if I have to eat one, Son of a Gun's works because it's the size of a silver dollar and it has a potato chip on it
  2. strawberries
    my fav fav fav Harry's Berries at the Wed Santa Monica or Sun Hwood FMs
  3. paletas
    I just discovered Mateo's on the westside(ish)
  4. wedding cake
    if you try to crash a wedding just for the cake, don't do it at the Parker Palm Springs. their security is tight. or maybe you shouldn't be dressed in spa robes and half buzzed on tequila when you do it.
  5. watermelon
  6. beachside fish tacos
    Ricky's Fish Tacos, praise the lord I don't have to anywhere near a beach for beachside fish tacos
  7. cherries
    a boring webMDish comment: cherries are an excellent source of anti-inflammatory compounds making them great for anti-aging and heart health
  8. pesto with herbs from your garden
    i hope you have an herb garden. I don't.
  9. gazpacho
  10. ceviche
  11. naeng-myun
    Korean buckwheat noodles in chilled broth, LA people go crazy I don't know why
  12. clambake
  13. dodger dog
  14. funnel cake
  15. shaved iced
  16. nectarines and peaches
  17. tomatoes
  18. figs
  19. s'mores
  20. aïoli
    the entire spread with vegetables and bread, not just the garlicky mayo by itself, though there is nothing wrong with eating just straight up aïoli with a spoon
  21. jams and jellies you make yourself
  22. pickles you ferment yourself
  23. birthday cake
  24. Japanese cold soba
  25. corn on the cob
  26. eggplant