1. text
  2. email
  3. @ on instagram
  4. @ on twitter
  5. gmail chat
  6. direct message on anything except facebook
    because I get an email. but if i don't already have your email address and I have to go to Twitter to reply, no reply
  7. post on Facebook wall
  8. call my mobile
    never call me. I will not answer.
  9. Facebook private message
    I will never get this because it doesn't work on my phone and I hate looking at Facebook when I'm actually working on a real computer
  10. leave a voicemail
    what did I just say? never call me. if you leave a voicemail and I check it and it says nothing but "hey it's me call me back" I will never call you for anything ever again in my life. except my mom does this she is the only one I will call back. like three weeks later
  11. call my landline
    I don't even have a land line
  12. fax
    I will probably fax you back before I make a live, voice call