Inspired by @BCLisa
  1. Hi! I'm Gil.
  2. I'm a writer.
  3. I've lived my whole life in edmonton, but I have travelled extensively through Europe, Northern Africa, and the USA.
  4. I have a cat that suffers from anxiety. She's a freak, but she could also just be a cat.
  5. I love music. I can't get enough live music, new music, and virtually anything that moves me.
  6. I worked in movie theatres, live theatre, theatre festivals, opera houses, a book store, concert venues, and professional sports teams. All told, that's over 25 years in the "entertainment" industries.
  7. Random hipster photo of me.
  8. This is my city.
  9. I'm a foodie, voracious reader, lifelong geek, sports fan, and just looking for things that entertain me, educate me, give me new experiences, and generally expand this life of mine.
  10. Last photo. Have a good night.