There are movies that have an impact. Those movies that touch you, make you feel something. Then there are the ones that get under your skin, they haunt you. They are unrepentant and they pull no punches. This is a list of those movies. Movies that are so good and so powerful, they destroy you and yet you don't necessarily want to go through again.
  1. Requiem for a Dream (2000)
    A movie about addiction. It avoids all of the tropes. Watching the last 20 minutes felt like getting dragged out into the street and beaten. The performances are brilliant, the music is haunting, and the visuals will stick with you.
  2. Mysterious Skin (2004)
    Morale of this movie is that if you were abused as a child, you're screwed for life. No happy endings. Greg Araki does the sexual assault differently than most, he makes the viewer complicit. He takes you into the room and makes you a part of the assault. Joseph Gordon Levitt is great in this. You will feel dirty afterwards.
  3. Naked (1993)
    Mike Leigh knows how to make hard emotional movies. This one will just consistently screw with you. It's anti-villain narcissistic main character will suck you in, drag you through London at night, and inevitably throws you away. David Thewlis manages to do it all with ease. It will make you angry.
  4. Oldboy (2003)
    A revenge fantasy from Korean director Chan-Wook Park. It is excessively violent, sadistic, and very entertaining. It doesn't shy away from anything. Visually it is masterful. Then you get to the reveal... And I've never felt so dirty after a movie. Skip the US remake, go straight to the Korean film.
  5. Angel Baby (1995)
    A young couple in a mental institute meet, fall in love, try to have a normal life. They stop taking their meds. It all goes horribly wrong. A great representation of schizophrenia. You hope and hope, but reality is a harsh mistress.