1. Banned the Christmas music playlist
  2. Slayed a lip sync to "Fantasy" by MC
  3. Ate another employees Chinese food as dinner (with consent)
  4. Made two Instagram followers
  5. Looked up "Pokemon" on tumblr
  6. Edited a poem.
  7. Had a return.
  8. Craved tacos.
  9. I just broke some glass.
  10. Swept.
  11. Watch almost every store close around me
  12. Took this selfie:
    86ecaa52 1104 48cc a577 03907da49316
  13. Gave directions to Eataly
  14. Made a gif of myself.
  15. Restocked.
  16. Sent my employee to get me soda.
  17. Are a questionable cookie to which, I have no idea how old it is.
  18. ...and I still have like, 2 hours left.