5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

I opened up my photos on my phone and scrolled through them with my eyes closed and picked whatever I landed on.
  1. I used to love watching the planes fly over my truck as I drove to and from work and on this day I finally captured a pretty good picture.
  2. That's one of my dogs named Kenney. I named him after a little old man I used to work with who would always talk trash to people. I always thought, "If he talks to the wrong person like that he'll get beat up." My little dog Kenney is definitely all bark and no bite. Haha. Just like the guy I worked with.
  3. Me! Not in my best moment either. Why am I wearing glasses? Why is my hair messed up? Why would I post this? Well, this is the rules of the game and I like to take a lot of selfies. It was bound to happen.
  4. That's Mr. Tito, he's crazy. Why is he barking beside a chair? I don't know, he's crazy.
  5. My wife and I went to an aquarium. This dude was minding his own business when I snapped this photo. He got pretty confrontational and called security. But I was like, "come on man, you're a turtle, relax." Once he calmed down, we patched things up. We still keep in touch from time to time. He recently got married and moved to Texas.