Concerts I've attended

I love music (if you can't tell from my previous lists) and with that said, I've seen my fair share of concerts. So here is an ongoing list of concerts I've had the privilege of seeing over the years.
  1. Dave Matthews Band
    I've seen them at least 4 times now.
  2. Prince
  3. Nothing More
    Seen them 3 times so far.
  4. The Used
  5. Korn
    Back when I was still in high school.
  6. Taproot
  7. ZZ Top
    This is my dad's favorite band so I might have seen them more times than any other band weirdly enough. Haha
  8. Reel Big Fish
  9. Brand New
  10. Eliot bronson
    Local guy. Singer songwriter. Really good live. Seen him 3 or 4 times.
  11. Skrillex
    This dude takes a lot of heat from critics but I had a blast at that show and I love the music he creates.
  12. Rusko
  13. Bassnectar
  14. Drowning Pool
    Got to see them with the original singer too. Got to meet him after the show and he was a super nice guy.
  15. Pearl Jam
  16. Coldplay
    They gave out wristbands that lit up with the music and it was incredible to see. I highly recommend seeing this band live. They put on a really good show.
  17. Will definitely add more. Writing this while watching a toddler is rough. Haha