Games that took over my life

This is not a list of my favorite games and it's not a list of games I think everyone should play. This is a list of games that I couldn't quit or kept me up way into the night (or into the early hours of the morning).
  1. Ark: Survival Evolved
    This is what I'm currently hooked on. It's not even technically a full game yet because they opened this up early to trouble shoot and not they are caught in some legal battle. In this game you basically just try to survive and keep yourself safe. It's a world that continues with or without you. This game makes you work hard to obtain anything, so when something happens to your T-Rex, it hurts. I've never played another game like this and it's full of highs and lows. Such is life. 😁
  2. Minecraft
    This game looks like a 16 bit game but it allows you to be ultra creative. It has so much to explore and it's genuinely fun to just roam around and get lost. I once took the time to build a replica of my house in the game and it was surprisingly satisfying. I also built a giant flaming pyramid with another pyramid inside it.
  3. Trials Evolution
    I could actually put all three Trials games on this list. They are all sooooo addictive! You basically just try to drive a motorcycle over obstacles to the last checkpoint. Simple enough, but the later levels get extremely hard, trying to beat times of friends keeps you locked in and trying to get perfect runs keeps you trying over and over again. The controls are perfect and it's really quick to get in and out of.
  4. Geometry Wars Dimensions
    Horrible name for a very addictive game. I had one friend that was slightly better than me at this game and I drove myself crazy trying to beat his scores. I had/have scores in this game on certain levels that were in the top 1000 people of all time.
  5. Super Mario Maker
    Unlimited old school Mario levels. Need I say more? Anyone can make a Mario level and put it out there for everyone to play. I'm amazed by all the creativity. So much fun and worth having a Wii U just to play it. Nintendo did an awesome job. Check it out.
  6. The Call of Duty Series
    There's no one game here that completely sucked me in but every year a new one comes out and I tell myself I'm not going to get it but then... Of course I get it! And I'm as horrible at it as I was the previous one. What can I say, apparently I like being slaughtered by teenagers.
  7. Nintendo Street Pass
    This isn't technically a game but it's related to a bunch of different games. I love my New Nintendo 3DS XL and it has a thing where you carry around your 3DS and pass people with their 3DS and they automatically swap information. Their Mii comes to your 3DS and helps in a bunch of different games. The more you pass the same person, the more powerful they are in your games. It's a great system. I love to take my 3DS on walks in the mall. 🤓
  8. Rocket League
    Haven't you always wanted to play soccer with you car?!? No? Me neither. But this games allows you to do that very thing and it's glorious. If you had told me about this game I would have said it sounds dumb, but it's actually insanely awesome! The creators made the controls perfect. Everything well so well and there are a ton of things to unlock. I was so surprised by this game.