Random Thoughts & Questions

  1. Is there a god or gods?
  2. Do prayers matter?
    If there is a god, what does he or she or it think of prayers? I hear people asking for prayers often but I also hear people dying who were being prayed for, so maybe the answer was that god would not save them even though you asked for the opposite. How do you know if god isn't listening or if the answer is no or if there is no god to begin with? Plus, if god is going to do whatever he or she or it wants anyway, what's the point of praying to begin with?
  3. Are we bound by determinism, free will or chaos?
  4. Is the universe infinite or finite?
  5. What's the meaning of life?
  6. Why do humans treat each others so poorly?
  7. What incredible things are we humans capable of and we will be able to reach our full potential?