Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

I don't know if the explanations will help but here it goes...
  1. A wonderful picture of Frank from Always Sunny
    So... I love the show always sunny and I follow various people from the show and I came across this image on Facebook and it was so glorious I had to share it with my wife... Therefore SCREENSHOT!
  2. Duh, who doesn't need this in there lives
    So... I sometimes buy stuff from Amazon and I came across this gem. My mom loves watermelon but hates cutting them. Therefore I felt like she needed to see this... Boom SCREENSHOT!
  3. Gotta fight the power sometimes
    Somebody on Facebook posted something which reminded me of this and therefore I looked this up and... Kapow SCREENSHOT!
  4. Can't a person share a song without having to explain himself
    Look people, it's a good song, you should listen to it. I shared it with a friend! So what? Now I'm sharing it with you too!... Blam SCREENSHOT!
  5. It just looked cool okay! Jeeze get off my back already!!!
    Look I like a band called letlive. and yes their band name has a period at the end of the two words that are pushed together. So for an album cover they made it out of string art and I liked that too... Pow SCREENSHOT!