The Tito... The world's strangest dog.

I've had a lot of dogs throughout my life (Rocky, Sam, Sally, Jewls, Kenney, and Roxie) but I have never met a dog as weird as my dog Tito. He has so many weird little quirks and I wanted to share them with you.
  1. This is Tito as a baby before we had any idea how weird this dog would be.
  2. This is Tito now. And no we didn't crop his ears, they honestly just stood up like that on their own.
  3. So what makes this dog so strange?
  4. Well, he really likes his routines. He notices patterns and then comes up with his own routines.
  5. So at morning and night when I feed him, I always feed him in his crate. He doesn't like it if the other dogs get near his food. That's not that unusual, but while I'm getting out the food, I leave his crate door open and he patiently waits in his crate. I didn't teach him that, he just decided to do it on his own.
  6. Furthermore, my mom once watched him for us while we were away and called me trying to figure out what was wrong with Tito. She said she thought he might like to sit in his crate while we were gone so she opened the door. But she called because she could get him to come out.
    Tito thought he was supposed to eat every time he goes in his crate and could figure out why this crazy lady had opened his crate and then wouldn't feed him. So I had my mom give him a little dry food in his bowl and she said he ate it and came right out no problem.
  7. Tito will not drink water while the other dogs are drinking water. He has to wait till they finish and then he will drink.
  8. Also, Tito does not drink much water throughout the day. For some reason he waits forever and then drinks for like 5 minutes straight. Haha. Again, no clue where this rule came from.
  9. Tito doesn't like wet dog food. We thought we would be doing him a favor by giving him some wet food with the dry food. The other dogs love it but not Mr. Tito, he eats it extremely slow if he eats it at all.
  10. He sometimes randomly sits on the arm rest of the couch. I have never tried to get him to sit there, he just does it on his own every now and then. Why?!? I have no clue.
  11. Usually he wants to go everywhere first even if he doesn't know where we are going. However, for some reason when we let the dogs back inside, he has to be last. I'll call the 3 dogs to come inside, he is usually the first one to run up to the door, but then he'll stop! He lets the other two in and then he walks in. So weird!
  12. In our bedroom, he has a spot and he claims that spot as adamantly as Sheldon does on The Big Bang Theory. If Roxie sits there first, he'll just come up and stand right next to her and stare at her until she moves. "That's my spot."
  13. Yet another quirk of The Tito, sometimes he will sit beside you on a couch, but DON'T PET HIM! Haha. It's very confusing. Without calling him he will hop on the couch, sit right up next to you, and then if you pet him he will grumble and usually get down immediately like you have offended him.
  14. He notices if you're upset. There have been times my wife has been upset over various life events and Tito will notice and come up beside her to comfort her. Also, if a conversation between me and Lisa sounds heated, he will get between us. I've never had a dog so tuned in to emotional states. It's fascinating.
  15. When I go upstairs to go to bed, he comes with me but I always go in my room and put my water down and then I come out and turn off the downstairs light. Tito noticed this and now he doesn't come in the room when I first walk in. He just stands there and waits till I walk back in the second time.
  16. Sometimes he lays like this... 😳
  17. Sometimes he lays like this...