1. So, back in 2015 my wife and I were living in NC with 4 dogs and one of them bit me!!!
  2. So I'm sure you're asking, "Which one of those monsters bit you?!?!?"
  3. Well it wasn't this one...
  4. It also wasn't this one...
  5. It wasn't even this guy...
  6. Here's the culprit that viciously attacked me!!!
  7. And I'm sorry to do this to you reader but I think you need to see the full extent of the damage. You need to see the harsh reality of what a domesticated wolf is capable of!!! What a beast can do to a person!!! Don't look away!!! See the raw truth reader!!!! See it!!!!...
  8. Look close... There is a ever so slight bruise towards the top of my fingernail on my pinky. And notice that the fingernail is now horribly disfigured and comes to a point at the top which is not quite centered.
  9. All I was doing was feeding my dog, Jewls, a dog treat and she clamped down on my finger like a vice grip...
  10. Then she immediately released...
  11. So maybe I wasn't hurt too bad...
  12. And maybe she wasn't really "attacking" me...
  13. Maybe it was even an accident...
  14. It still hurt like the dickens in that moment though!
  15. But Jewls is the best dog I've ever owned.
  16. She's lived with me every place I've ever lived.
  17. Not very long after that (few months), she stopped eating and we had to take her to the vet. Turned out that she had a large mass in her stomach that was too big to be able to be removed. Plus she was 13 years old and even if surgery were an option, the odds would not have been in her favor. Unfortunately we ended up having to put her to sleep.
  18. It was so unexpected and something I was not prepared for at all. It was honestly the hardest decision I've ever had to make so far in my life. But I know it was the right one. I didn't want her to suffer and I'm thankful that we got to say goodbye in our own way before we officially had to put her to sleep.
  19. I loved that girl so much and I still miss her every day. She's been gone now for over 6 months and it still hurts to think about. She was a family member and she was always there for me.
  20. With all that said, I'm glad she bit me on that night. The little bruise hasn't gone away in 7 or 8 months and I hope it never does.
  21. Plus the nail is irritating to cut now. From where it comes to a weird point at the top, it's very easy to accidentally catch the skin underneath. So I always have to be careful when I cut it. It's nice having a little reminder of Jewls every time I cut my nails.
  22. So there you go, that's why I'm glad my dog bit me. 😊
  23. Static