9 Pictures of My Ex I Don't Want to Delete But I Know It's About Time To

A collection of pictures of my ex and I that I need to start thinking about deleting
  1. She used to bite me sometimes and it was really annoying... and equally adorable
  2. This was taken three seconds later
  3. ...but then again, I did some annoying things too
  4. Her house has roof access so of course we needed to get some pictures of us up there #college
  5. One of our first dates
    Five Guys'. Once again #college
  6. One of our last (pt. 1)
    St. Louis zoo. A picture of my lion with the other lions
  7. (pt. 2)
  8. Trust me, my facial expression was not how I was feeling at the time
  9. I don't know when I'm going to delete these. But I'll put them here for a while at least.
  10. Thanks for reading!! Hope this didn't depress you too much!