I mean, I don't know these people personally, it shouldn't affect my life. But sometimes it really does feel like the loss of family or friend.
  1. Gregory Peck
    I had just discovered how great he was in all of his films. I was devastated that I wouldn't get any new ones.
  2. John Ritter
    Probably my first experience with a actor death. My whole family loved 8 Simple Rules so we basically had him in our house every week. It was really painful to watch the show deal with his passing too.
  3. Robin Williams
    Practically grew up with him always around. I also hate how the media reports the causes of death. It's usually too soon and too much speculation.
  4. Harris Wittels
    He seemed so bright and sweet. And seeing all his friends and colleagues speak so lovingly about him really made me wish I knew him.
  5. Phillip Seymour Hoffman
    I happened to be a block away from him when he was found. New York can make death feel so distant but close.
  6. Amy Winehouse
    Horrible case of too young too soon. And I really wanted to hear more albums from her. Also the 27 club thing freaks me out.
  7. Natasha Richardson
    The new Parent Trap was basically a staple in my childhood. And then I found out she was in Cabaret and wished I could've see her in it. Plus her and Liam Neeson were so perfect.