Previously, docs that make me laugh: DOCUMENTARIES THAT MAKE ME LAUGH
  1. Amy
    Gutted by this one. The worst part for me was watching comedians kicking her when she's at her lowest. Such an immense talent gone too soon. Also, the '27 club' freaks me out.
  2. Dior and I
    Watching someone works so hard at something they are passionate about brings me to instant tears.
  3. Blackfish
    Very hard to watch. Any cruelty to animals=instant tears.
  4. The Cove
    Same as with Blackfish. And what's worse is I don't think much has been done to change what's happening in Japan.
  5. Bill Cunningham's New York
    This is really an uplifting and inspirational movie, but there's a part where Bill talks about religion and it simply makes me cry every time.
  6. Broadway Idiot
    Similar to Dior and I, who knew that these punk rockers would find a love of theater!??
  7. Monday's at Racine
    Such strong women and what a wonderful thing this salon does for them.