My unsolicited fashion observations. This year's looks were all about capes, cut-outs and sparkles.
  1. Judith. Fucking. Light
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    She can rock a pantsuit/jumpsuit. I love her so much.
  2. Olivia Wilde
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    Olivia can werk a sequin gown. I've seen her do it before and I hope she never stops.
  3. Rachel McAdams
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    I love love love this print.
  4. Felicity Huffman
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    I love her dark hair too.
  5. Portia Doubleday
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    I'm not sure who she is but she looks like a disco ball and I love it.
  6. Amy Adams
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  7. Jessica and David Oyelowo
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    I love a man in a not black and white tux. This couple rocked it.
  8. Gina Rodriguez
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  9. Zoe Kazan
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    Not pandering because @zoe is on here, but I truly love her dress. So delicate looking, has pattern and so different from what everyone else was wearing. And Paul Dano looked sharp too!
  10. Corinne Foxx
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  11. Jennifer Lopez
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  12. Kate Bosworth
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  13. Saoirse Ronan
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  14. Zendaya
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    I think I'm too old to know who zendaya is but she is always fierce and seems to have a lovely mature style.
  15. Emmy Rossum
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  16. Jenna Dewan Tatum
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  17. Julianne Moore
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    She is always on point!
  18. Rose Huntington-Whiteley
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