And some mini-series thrown in there for good measure.
  1. Last Man On Earth (FOX)
    Love love love this show. It also has some of the best production/prop/costume design on tv right now IMO.
  2. The Great British Baking Show (Netflix but also PBS and BBC?)
    Ok so this show has been going on for awhile but it's my favorite discovery of 2015
  3. Catastrophe (Amazon)
    I loved Rob Delaney on Twitter and now I love him even more as an actor. Sharon Horgan is also so real and so funny.
  4. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (Netflix)
    Absolute perfection. The show feels like David Wain saw the future of Netflix series and the show was always part of the plan. Also how great does the cast look! 😍
  5. UnReal (Lifetime)
    Maybe the biggest tv surprise of the year. Loved seeing a strong female antihero in Shiri Appleby. I am curious as to what season 2 will offer.
  6. Project Greenlight (HBO)
    #TeamEffie | Watching this show helped me realize that most film/tv productions are imperfect and that there is always something that will not go the way you want it to. All this time I thought I was crazy.
  7. The Jinx (HBO)
    I almost forgot this was in 2015. I was captivated the whole time.
  8. Show Me a Hero (HBO)
    Oscar. Issac. That's all you need. Really fascinating part of New York history that seemed to fly under the radar unless you lived in Yonkers.