1. More A trains
  2. Every station gets a train time ticker sign (especially the ACE)
  3. Make the G train longer
    Honestly it's embarrassing that it rarely fits the length of station.
  4. Designate a train car for people with bikes and other large items.
    They have this on CalTrain and it works wonders.
  5. Make trains wider?
    This is probs not possible but a girl can dream.
  6. Get rid of the orange seats with grooves.
    It pains me every time I see a person try to sit on the bumpy part because they don't want to be close to people. So they'll let their bum suffer in the process. Just get bench seats and we'll all deal.
  7. More subway poetry and art.
  8. More A trains for the love of God!!
  9. A free manicurist at the stations to clip people's nails so they don't do it on the train.