Just some tips I've picked up...
  1. Friends involved in the theater scene
    I got my start in theater and so I still have a lot of friends who work in the field and get comps to shows. I'll pretty much say yes to any show so I end up as people's +1 to shows. If you don't have friends involved in theater, try making some by getting involved too! Which leads me to my next item...
  2. Volunteer to usher
    I think most usher positions are volunteer based but you end up getting to see the show for free! Also you might make some theater friends in the process! Win win!
  3. Lotteries and rushes
    I've had a lot of luck with lotteries in the past. You just have to be persistent and not get discouraged. Bring a friend so you both can double your chances of getting picked! Today Tix is a great app for online lottos and some shows have online lottos on their websites. For rush tickets you usually have to be there when the box office opens ( maybe a bit earlier if the show is popular) and you score cheap tix for showing up!
  4. Standing Room Only
    I saw The Glass Menagerie this way. It may not sound fun but the theater was carpeted so your feet didn't hurt too bad. And there was a bannister to lean on. If the show is good, you'll be so entranced by the performance you'll forget your standing!
  5. LincTix
    Lincoln Center's discount ticket club. When you join you can get $30 tickets! I wish I had done this one sooner!
  6. HipTix
    Roundabout's ticket club. You might have to be under 35 to join, but once you do you can see their shows for $25!
  7. Theater Mania's Gold Club
    I forget the subscription fee but it's not much. Once you're a member you have access to really cheap prices. Often off- Broadway shows for $5 !!! And they always have a huge selection.
  8. Playwrights Horizons 20 under 30
    A season membership for the under 30 crowd. You pay (I think) $60 for the year and then after that each show is $20. This one is perfect if there is more than one show you want to see in their season.
  9. Signature Theater's under 30 program
    I have to look into this one again because it's been awhile for me. But I think they have something similar to Playwrights Horizons.
  10. TKTS Booth
    Ol' Faithful. You'll probably spend the most here but it's great for when you want to go see theater spur of the moment. I like doing TKTS when I want to see a show by myself because it's so easy.
  11. TDF Membership
    This is similar to TKTS but you can plan/buy your tickets ahead of time. To be a member I think you have to prove you work in the arts. And there's a yearly fee.
  12. NYC ID -- NYC residents only
    Do you have an NYC ID yet?! Why not?! It's amazing. You get free memberships to a bunch of off Broadway theaters and the ballet. As well as free membership to museums! With the theater memberships you'll have access to discounted tickets. The discount might not be much, but at least it's something right?