Thanks @nathanveshecco !!!
  1. Jeopardy— UNDERRATED
    Are any game shows overrated?
  2. Ryan Gosling— UNDERRATED
    RG walks this great line where we know enough about his personal life to like him (i.e breaking up street fights) and we know not enough of his personal life so we're not completely sick of him yet (i.e he has kids?! Who knew!). Also we only hear about him when he's promoting a movie, he's doing celebrity right!
  3. Synthesizers— OVERRATED?
    I don't know too much about these but I guess I'm more impressed by actual instruments? But if someone explained synthesizers to me maybe my mind would change.
  4. Strawberries— UNDERRATED!
    One of the best! The base for some of the best smoothies and cakes! Without them the world would be lost.
  5. Road Rage— OVERRATED
    Just get where you're going and let your anger roll off your back.