Also My first apartment ever! Located on the wonderful UWS, however it was a shithole and our landlord was more like a slumlord. I surprisingly lasted (survived?) 2 years there. At least we didn't have bedbugs!
  1. 5th floor walk-up
    I know it's common for many New Yorkers to live in walk-ups but damn 5 floors can be exhausting. And I learned the hard way that most furniture deliveries add extra costs past the 3rd floor.
  2. Above a fish restaurant.
    Unfortunately we didn't realize they exclusively served fish. Hot, humid summers in the city + fish = not cute
  3. Cockroaches
    Yes, again, I know... A common problem for New Yorkers. And yes, I will still complain because when you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and you have to shoo 10 cockroaches off the toilet you earn the right to complain.
  4. Mice
    They chewed through our walls and when we filled the holes with steel wool, they continued to chew through that! I'm convinced they were mutated mice (possibly from Mercury from the fish downstairs?). Also none of our neighbors had mice problems.
  5. No heat or hot water
    We lost heat and hot water towards the end of January. The tenants all agreed we'd stop paying rent for the days without these utilities. The landlord barely seemed to care that we were not paying 60% of our rent. I guess a perk for the freezing cold apt?
  6. (Not-so) Handyman
    He meant well, but man was he shit at his job. He only knew how to use joint compound and thus his solution for every problem. Unfortunately you can't patch a hole in the wall with cardboard and smother it with spackle. He also wouldn't do any work below his knees. Still baffled by that one.
  7. Building entrance locks barely locked
    Just a light push and your in. So much for the keys we were given for the doors.
  8. Homeless men squatting on our roof
    Being on the top floor and roughly 8ft away from the roof entrance, this was extremely unsettling to discover. See above for how they got there.