Thought of these while flying back to New York
  1. How many flights do pilots/flight attendants make a day?
    What is the most a person can do?
  2. Do pilots/flight attendants get paid well? Hotels included?
    I feel like I fantasize that it's a really fun job. You get to see the world and stay in hotels but it's most likely not as fun as I think it is.
  3. How long do you train before becoming a flight attendant?
    I saw that Gwyneth Paltrow movie once but what is the training really like?
  4. Before individual screens, were the movies and entertainment just on a VHS they played?
  5. Which airport has the nicest lounge?
    I've always wanted to go into one.
  6. Which airline has the best food?
  7. How much do you have to fly a year to get upgraded?
    It's only happened to me once and it was because I was a kid and cried because my flight was cancelled.