A compilation of companies/people/things etc. who "can do no wrong" in your eyes.
  1. Trader Joe's
    If a scandal ever appears about my beloved grocery store I don't know what I'll do.
  2. RuPaul
    I've learned so much from RuPaul and Drag Race I can't imagine disagreeing with him.
  3. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    More intelligence, experience, and fight in her little pinky finger than I've had in my whole life.
    Suggested by   @loriatx
  4. Sophia Bush
    Suggested by   @kate81
  5. Emma Watson
    UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, along with everything else. She's a badass
    Suggested by   @daniellemariko
  6. American Red Cross
    I'm biased because I intern for them, but they rock💯
    Suggested by   @daniellemariko
  7. Jean Valjean ❤️
    Suggested by   @nikkilounoel