Basically theater that made me say: "You can do that on stage?!?!"
  1. The Visit- Oregon Shakespeare Festival (2004-05?)
    Such a dark and weirdly funny show. I wish I could find a photo of the production because each character gradually starts wearing yellow as the show goes on. It was so visually exciting for me when I was in high school.
  2. The Family - Semianyki -- Teatr Licidei at the Edinburgh Fringe (2006)
    Amazing Russian Clown performance. I used to think clowns were lowbrow until this performance. Clowning and mime are truly an art form and I wish I could see more of it. The performance ended with, what seemed like hundreds of ticker tape unroll into the audience. It was thrilling.
  3. Circle Mirror Transformation - Playwrights Horizon (2010)
    My first Annie Baker play and it really feels like it changed my life. Annie's plays capture true human emotions on stage. They're funny and sad, often at the same time. Circle Mirror is about an adult acting class in VT and the story unfolds through the characters playing acting games with each other.
  4. Angels in America parts 1 & 2 - Signature Theater (2011)
    I never thought I'd get to see this play live and with both parts. It's just such a beautiful play and the acting was simply perfect.
  5. Peter and the Star Catcher- Broadway (2012)
    The set was made of found objects and recycled materials. So cool for a Broadway show! I didn't know Broadway would do that. And the the show was super funny!
  6. The Flick- Playwrights Horizons (2013)
    Another Annie Baker! The play is about the people who clean the movie theater after the movie. Revolutionary to me and so beautiful. She also won the Pulitzer for this!
  7. Mr. Burns, Post-Electric Play- Playwrights Horizon (2013)
    The play is set in a post apocalyptic world where the people make money by performing old Simpsons episodes they remember. I'm not describing this show well but trust me it was amazing. So cool to see tv mix well with theater.
  8. Here Lies Love- The Public (2014)
    So immersive! We stood the whole time and danced. And I learned so much about Imelda Marcos!
  9. Scenes from a Marriage - NYTW (2014)
    Based on the tv mini series, 'Scenes' was a 3 hour epic with a dinner break. You started out circulated through different rooms, watching a relationship going through various emotional stages. The the walls were removed and all the actors performed the same scene but at different paces. It was wild and fascinating!
  10. Hamilton- The Public (2015)
    I mean what can I say that you haven't already heard. I was super lucky to see it the first week of previews and I've never been ahead of the trend since.
  11. A View from the Bridge- Broadway (2015)
    2 hours, no intermission. I thought I would die, but I was completely riveted by it. And the ending scene will stick with me forever.
  12. HONORABLE MENTION: Improvised Shakespeare - Chicago (2013)
    So not really theater, but the best improv I've ever seen. My friends and I still quote lines from the performance we saw. I don't think I've ever done that for improv. They tour a lot so don't miss a chance to see them!