You really have to hear it from his voice, but I walked away from this with so much more respect for him.
  1. On filmmaking :"If you can't do it all, do what you can"
    He wanted to do a feature film but realized he should start with a short film.
  2. He went back to school for screenwriting.
  3. Made a short film that went to Cannes
    He did this without Kickstarter or YouTube/internet. It was filmed on film. Steven Spielberg saw it and cast him in Saving Private Ryan.
  4. The first time he went to LA he couldn't get an agent for a year.
    How some actors get agents and how some don't I'll never understand.
  5. Alan Arkin was the best man at Vin's father's wedding
  6. His dad was an off off Broadway director
  7. You have to listen to his Reindeer Games story
    It can't be summed up on ListApp. He has so much integrity.
  8. He took the money he made from Saving Private Ryan and took his mother to Europe for the first time.
  9. He's a huge D&D fan