I was very into this device.
  1. SNL hosted by Jake Gyllenhaal (2007)
    Featuring sketches of Bronx Beat and Laser Cats.
  2. SNL sketches of The Hanukkah Song and Lazy Sunday
    Why I needed the visual I'll never understand.
  3. 2 episodes of Run's House
    I truly loved this show. They were (and probably still are) a very funny family. I hope they're all doing well somewhere out there.
  4. Project Runway season 2 Reunion Special
    The funniest season of that show in my opinion. WHAT HAPPENED TO ANDRE!!!
  5. The Best of Will Ferrell
    Still a big SNL fan after all these years.
  6. 5 episodes of Scrubs
    My fav would have to be the 'My Musical' episode
  7. First 3 episodes of season 1 "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"
    I bought these back in 2006. Is this show really that old!??
  8. 2 eps of Inside the Actor's Studio
    The Angelina Jolie one and the Dave Chappelle one.
  9. A Demetri Martin comedy special
    Circa 2006. Maybe a Comedy Central special?