1. Bought new bed pillows
    I was sleeping on the flattest pillows and I my life was revolutionized with the update. I sleep so much better now! Get pillows for fairly cheap at Home Goods.
  2. Bought a record player
    If I'm being honest I bought it in order to get the Hamilton Cast Album on vinyl. But I am loving re-visiting full albums. So often I'm only listening to single songs so it's been fun experiencing whole albums.
  3. Got fitted for new bras
    HOLY SHIT. CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!! I have been wearing the wrong size for years!!!! I feel so much better about myself, I have more confidence and I'm finally comfortable. If you're in NYC I highly recommend getting sized at Town Shop on the UWS. They're very old school and the women know they're shit!! The bras are expensive but once you get the right size and find a brand you like it's easy to find cheaper options.
  4. So go out there and...