Not Ranked
  1. That you can build your own community, far and wide.
    Borders, oceans, state lines, cannot stop humans from supporting one another. Your community is yours to build.
  2. That there is still so much to learn.
    I've always considered myself a well-rounded, open, aware person. List has shown me that there is always more you can learn from and about other people.
  3. We're all more alike than we're different.
    Every human has their own story, background, strengths, weaknesses, and purpose. However, we all have the same drive for happiness. We all want to love and be loved. To support and be supported. To laugh and live well.
  4. List is what you make it.
    Whether you list 6 times a day, once a week, once a month, this is one of the few apps where you can cultivate your own space. You can make list what you want or need.
  5. You can show your true colors.
    This is not an app where you have to put on airs. You can be honest, open, fair, kind, and silly. There is space for everyone here. And people will like you for it!
  6. I want to see the world.
    So many of our list fam are in different locales than me - and it opened my eyes up wide!
  7. You can get excellent recommendations for anything you need on here.
    Cures for migraines, recipes, design ideas!
  8. You can celebrate others and they will celebrate you.
    For anything! For everything!
  9. Age really IS just a number.
    My List friends are people of all ages, nationalities, gender, color, creed, and background. Everyone has a thread that ties us together. Doesn't matter if you're young, old, or in the middle, I'm ready to be your friend!
  10. You are not alone.
    We all have joys & troubles. And we are not alone in the need for support, a kind word, help. If I need to vent, talk about feelings, express myself, or ask for help, List is a safe space. A safe space on the internet is rare, and we're lucky to have it!