Hot Takes

Alternately: Stuff I Think/Believe That You Should Too
  1. Lennon Parham & Jessica St. Clair are 💯
    Their shows "Best Friends Forever" & "Playing House" are laugh-out-loud funny, witty, sweet, and on point. If you haven't caught either one, I suggest you do so. BFF had one season and PH has two so far I believe, and I'm obsessed with anything/everything they do together. Super underrated comedic actors.
  2. Painting nails is the WORST
    I used to all the time, and now I haven't in years. I decided to on Tuesday, and my nail polish is already chipping off, and it's only Saturday morning. Why waste time on this?!? If you get them done professionally, you have to go ALL THE TIME. Thanks but no thanks.
  3. Chardonnay is the best wine
    Fight me on this, I dare you. I worked my way from Moscato to light, warm, vanilla-y, buttery Chardonnay and nothing beats it.
  4. Dogs are better than cats
    Don't @ me on this, bc I'm not interested. All cats I've ever encountered are mean and scratchy and sneaky.
  5. The Foo Fighters are #1
    Every song/album is different than the next, but they still have such a signature sound. And Dave Grohl is a god among men.
  6. History is the best and not boring
    You probably had a crappy or boring teacher if you hate it! It's so complex and interesting and exciting and dramatic and people haven't really changed much at all over the passage of time. (Just watch Drunk History & you'll fall in love). People want the same things, always: love, power, money, fame, acceptance, joy, and/or success.
  7. The only interesting sport to watch is none of them
    Sports are the worst. The same shit happens in every game in every sport. No thanks. Not wasting my day/night/weekend watching any of it. You will not convince me otherwise.
  8. Howard Stern is a creative genius
    Only he could sustain a 35 year career with the same Team (Robin, Fred, & Bababooey) and still make every day's show feel fresh, exciting, insane, and hilarious. I literally laugh out loud through every show. The bits, the Robin Songs, the drops, all of it. I didn't think I'd like him, but his show has become an obsession. He's the greatest interviewer of all time.
  9. Moana is better than Frozen. Tangled is better than Frozen. Frozen is still a funny & great movie.
    Most characters in Frozen are, however, better than Elsa.
  10. Whatever this new Instagram trend is of loving Disney/Disney World is extremely annoying
    Ian's family has been going there since it opened. His Poppy worked there for a while. This trend where everyone tries to act/be "precious" in Disney is super annoying. Not that you shouldn't do whatever you want in life & dress however you want to; I'm certainly not saying that. I'm just so over it. All these photos of people with their "Disney Starbucks" and "the purple wall," give me a break. You don't go to WDW to get Starbucks! Ugh!
  11. To be continued...