Mugs I Own And Why They Are Special

  1. My Nanny (who has made guest appearances in some of my lists) has mugs like this in her house that are from England. I want to be just like her bc she is a boss bitch, so I bought this one, same colors and similar style (and the stamp on the bottoms says it's from England, I should believe it, right?)
  2. Reppin Kutztown University, my alma mater. My artist friend made a ton of these by hand for a KU donor event and gave this to me when I swung by the Art Building to see how it was going. This was a "dud" bc it wasn't 100% perfect to him, he's a perfectionist. Keeps my coffee/tea hot, that's all that matters.
  3. I've vacationed in the Outer Banks for 20 years, with my cousins. The OBX holds the best memories of my life that I'll treasure forever.
  4. My best friend Alli bought this for me bc she knows how much I love giant oversized mugs. The colors and warmth of this mug reminds me of her bc she is an artist and she is a human ray of sunshine that makes me feel safe & warm. Alli has always felt like coming home to me, she's like my other sister.
  5. Obvious.