Things I Think About More Than Twice A Day

  1. My husband Ian.
    4 years together and counting! He does more for me than words can encompass. He's cute and I love him.
  2. My pups Moe.
    He was a rescue, and I was frosty about him at first, but he latched onto my heart and never let go. I loved that damn dog so much, and losing him was the w o r s t.
  3. My nieces and nephew.
    They are so smart, and kind, and funny; they remind me to stay young and silly, and I love them so much.
  4. My parents.
    Everything I do is in honor of them. They worked so hard so that I could have the life I do. I love & appreciate it all, and I love that they're my friends now as well as my parents. And they're so darn cute. High school sweethearts who started out as BFFs! They really love & like each other, and it's super adorable. Here they are at the beach when they were in their 20s (I believe).
  5. My BFFs.
    We've all been through a lot over 10 years since starting college together. Births, deaths, weddings, babies, and we still have each other. 💖 This list includes my sisters-in-law as well (top left), who I have come to realize that I cannot live without, and my cousins (bottom right) who are more like sisters.
  6. My sister, Kelly.
    It's as simple as that.