1. Hell's Kitchen. Just. All of it.
  2. Murray Hill. Also self-explanatory. Except for once a year when I'm like "yeah I do want unlimited sake bombs and mediocre sushi for $5"
  3. I think they call it Union Square. FUCK THAT PLACE. Honorable mention: the Union Square Trader Joes.
  4. The Times Square-Grand Central connection shuttle. Homeless dudes.
  5. Hudson Yards. They're even gonna build a Neiman Marcus here and I want NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.
  6. The zone in front of Dominique Ansel anytime before 9 AM. That's my commute!!! WTF!!!! IT'S A DESSERT!!!
  7. North FIDI. When I die and go to hell it's gonna look like North FIDI. Different than South FIDI, this place looks like Columbus, OH threw up on itself.
  8. Broadway in Soho any time that isn't 8 AM or 3 AM. Three words: teens from Jersey.
  9. The Olive Garden in Times Square. It is three stories of foul.
  10. Erin McKenna's Babycakes. On principle.