Things around the office I eat when no one is looking.
  1. Planters "Heat Peanuts"
    Age unknown. 4.5/10 for taste. 8/10 for hunger-sating. This is the kind of snack my dad would pick up at a gas station.
  2. 1 Lemon Curd Pudding Truffle
    Age also unknown. Someone in Creative brought them back from the photoshoot in England with Kate Moss. Only the British would think of something like a "Pudding Truffle", missed out on the superior-flavored "trifle" and "chocolate mousse". 6/10 for taste, 2/10 hunger-sating.
  3. A handful of kettle corn
    1 week old. 5/10 for taste, 1/10 for hunger-sating. Popcorn is AIR.