In no particular order...
  1. My brother is in town
    Then drunk texts from a club.
  2. There was a family emergency
    Probably legit, but I was told this after being ghosted for 6 months. So. Doesn't really seem accurate.
  3. I don't want to be invited to your family functions
    Excuse me for thinking you might want a meal that was more substantive than natty light.. Apologies.
  4. I have a lot of homework to do
    Posts snaps of tequila Tuesday all night at a Mexican restaurant. What are you studying?
  5. Being ghosted.
    Seriously. My. Fave. Also, not.
  6. Got a new dog. Can't really leave until it's house broken.
    Dude, you have a job... What do you do with him then? I don't think his world will end in 30 minutes. But ok.
  7. I've been in the car for almost 10hrs today...
    That's great. I sit 10 hours everyday. Next?
  8. "You're anti-American"
    Says the Trump supporter because I'm a democrat.