Things I think when I start talking to a guy...

Dating is hard.. Online dating is even worse.
  1. Why is you so creepy?!
    You have more selfies than I do... That's saying something.
  2. Don't. Ever. And I mean ever. Call me "babe" if we haven't been on an ACTUAL date.
    See also: sweetie, hon/hun, doll, darlin - the list goes on forever.
  3. Please don't assume that just because I'm talking to you that I want to jump your bones.
    Don't flatter yourself.
  4. Why do you automatically assume I'm going to move somewhere new for you?
    I need my space and we seriously just started talking.
  5. I promise you, you're not as good of a cook as you think you are..
    Macaroni and cheese should not have ranch and Sriracha sauce on it. Promise.
  6. I don't think my mother would approve of this.
  7. Oh, it's ok for you to have thoughts and opinions.. But not me. Got it!
  8. Your friends probably Aren't that funny
    On the other hand, mine probably aren't either.
  9. Why can't we just actually go somewhere and get to know each other?