Rather an continuing to pay an astronomical amount of rent, I've decided to buy a house. Cue the anxiety.
  1. When did I actually get old enough to have a mortgage.
  2. Clearly this can't be my life. I'm not old enough for this!
  3. It'd be great to have a husband right about now.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm crafty. But I definitely can't do it all alone.
  4. Fenced back yard?
    Hello new doggy!
  5. Oh I love that...
    Quickly followed by: "why did they do that?!"
  6. When reflecting on the houses:
    I like the house with a and b. Which is when my mother has to tell me they are different houses.
  7. Which leads to.
    Why do they all look the same?! Doors. Windows. Roof. Floors.
  8. This is exhausting. I've seen 20 houses in 3 days.
  9. Let's just forget this. I'll be broke forever. It's fine.
    Just kidding! Wish me luck!