Things/People/Animals close to my heart

Whatever speaks to my soul and I was able to find online or was already on my phone is here (I might have to update this in the future)
  1. Royalty first. My dog, Lena.
    Light of my life forever and ever. 💕❤️😍☺️
  2. Boxers in general.
  3. Florence - my favorite singer ever.
    Maybe the daughter I'll name after her will find this list someday.
  4. Mindy - has taught me a lot.
    I can't say more about her cause it'll get too sappy.
  5. Jessica Day - how I wanna act, but can't cause society.
  6. Grace Helbig.
    Anyone who knows me a decent amount knows I worship the ground this woman walks on. #TEAMGRACE5EVER #spiritanimal
  7. Grace's dog, Goose.
    It might have to do with the fact that she's half boxer and half bulldog. Also because her name is GOOSE. #win
  8. Chris Evans.
    Future husband has some serious competition.
  9. Jimmy Fallon.
    He's like sunshine after a stormy day.