1. Dishwasher (night)
  2. Parents talking downstairs (night or morning, as a young child)
  3. Clothes Dryer (night)
  4. People laughing (night, if quiet, as a child)
  5. Baby/toddler just talking to themselves and/or singing in their cribs (post-6AM, if it's your child)
  6. Far away snow plows (morning, especially as a child)
  7. Bacon sizzle (morning, though night probably wouldn't be that bad)
  8. Law & Order (night, as a child, if like me you know that means your dad is downstairs eating popcorn and/or sleeping in the big blue recliner)
  9. Huge flock of crazy loud birds having an insane Bacchanalian rager in a tree outside (post-7AM only)
  10. Quiet couple of birds slowly waking up like "Hey...hey...anyone else awAAAaake?...heHEYEee" (morning)
  11. Geese honking soft then loud then soft again as they fly over the house (morning)
  12. Someone else's breathing (night or morning, if quiet, and only if it's someone you know and preferably love)
  13. Dog yawn (night)
  14. Rain (night)