Thoughts in My Head While Waiting for My Mum to Be Done in the Hairdressers

I've only been here ten minutes and yet... Waiting is not something I'm good at. Remind me to say no next time.
  1. Why is everyone in t-shirts?
    Ok apparently not everyone. There are still a few that know it's winter...
  2. Do I need to get my hair cut?
  3. I'm glad it's not me on sweeping duty.
    I did that for work experience in my penultimate year at secondary school.
  4. Is this going to take much longer?
    I did mention I hate waiting right?
  5. Should I get my hair cut?
  6. I want to dye my hair back to red. Stupid rash thwarting that. 😡
    I have wanted to go back to red for a while but life keeps saying no.
  7. I should get my hair cut, right?
  8. I'm bored. Can I go now?
  9. Hair dryers are noisy!
  10. Maybe I should get some new straighteners?
    I should point out that mine are perfectly fine. I've not managed to kill them yet, or burn myself on them, or burn my hair.
  11. I should get my hair cut soon.
    And by soon I'm thinking March...