1. The Sandlot
    This movie is part of the reason I love baseball, I call people turd lickers, I've never chewed tobacco and learned that the Babe is the greatest of all time
  2. Mighty Ducks 2
    Things I learned: The knuckle puck is unstoppable, Iceland is green and Greenland is ice, the feather and shaving cream prank, the Flying V is a metaphor for life "ducks fly together!"
  3. The Big Green
    I didn't play soccer but this movie made me believe that I could have. I still think about this movie from time to time and how that goalie had to face his fears. Intense stuff.
  4. Rookie of the Year
    I still think someday I may break my arm and in the healing process learn that I can throw 100 mph. This movie taught me that it's always cool to chatter at the other team. "Pitchers got a big butt"
  5. The Karate Kid
    Daniel is the ultimate underdog and Mr Miagi is the ultimate yoda. I can watch this movie over and over again mainly because I want to hear that punk at the end yell "put him in a body bag Johny" and then only to watch him get kicked in the face with the crane kick.