There's nothing romantic about the past..OK PPL?
  1. Indoor plumbing, first and foremost
  2. In all the millions of years of human existence on Earth, we are #BLESSED to exist at the same time as Harry Styles
  3. Sure, we'd get to wear cute outfits if we lived in the 1920's but at least in 2015 women have the right to vote (even if you wear crocs out to the polls.)
  4. Netflix (with chill OR without)
  5. The common cold won't kill us
  6. Sweating is now optional during summer months thanks to air conditioning
  7. Washing machines, dishwashers, any and all helpful household appliances = ❤️
  8. The ongoing evolution of delicious coffee beverages
  9. Being able to FaceTime our pets when we're away from home