I didn't ask for this
  1. When you get sick you have to make your own doctors appointments
  2. You actually get hangovers after you drink now...when did that happen?!
  3. You have to go to work even if you don't want to
  4. If somebody tries to make plans with you, you can't lie & say your mom won't let you go.
  5. Your metabolism has betrayed you. You can no longer eat whatever you want and feel good about it.
  6. If you clog the toilet, you can no longer ignore the problem until somebody else (AKA your dad) finds it and fixes it.
  7. You get kicked off your family's cell phone plan.
  8. You have crippling student debt that makes you feel bad about buying a pack of gum.
  9. You are constantly plagued with a deep and all consuming fear that you're doing everything wrong ☺️☺️☺️ but you're FINE OKAY PPL?!?!