Could be anything from spectacular, to weird, or anything that pings in my head as relevant. It will be in no particular order. Some will have more explanations that others - likely fill in the blanks later.
  1. Dragging Down my own Kokusho to survive and win Round 14 of GP-Vegas 2013 keeping the Pro Tour dream alive
  2. Tribal Flamesing Shuhei Nakamura for 5 and watching his hand extend as I finished the 13-2 journey at Vegas 2013
  3. Chromanticore on a Chromanticore in a limited Theros/Theros/Born GPT Top 8 draft
  4. Back to back EoT + Main Phase Volcanic Geysers for 8 to win the M14 limited PTQ after being demoralized game 1
  5. Top 4 a PTQ on kidney stones
  6. Finals opponent of 1999 PTQ refusing a prize split in the finals and then getting obliterated.
  7. Judge having to decide who would present decks first in Mexico City
  8. Top 4ing a PTQ with first time ever playing Kiki Pod
  9. Stronghold Prerelease marathon
  10. Winning Feature match Rd 9 of GP Oakland vs Eric Froelich to get my only GP 9-0 day 1.
  11. Playing a local tournament in Abilene on Independence Day with a Red, White, and Blue deck I called Star-Spangled Slaughter.
  12. My regionals opponent that refused to draw into Top 8 with me running my Moldy Candycane deck, and then him beating me to finish 9th
  13. Seeing the sick Black/Red/Blue pool/deck with double Crosis Chris opened at the Invasion Pre-Rel after learning Magic the night before.
  14. Jeff Zandi announcing me as "Scott 'I don't lose at prereleases' Gerhardt" after my 3rd undefeated deck at the Invasion pre-release.
  15. Beating the Japanese "Super Team" (Watanabe, Saito, Tsumura) at GP Portland