My most memorable Magic:The Gathering moments

Could be anything from spectacular, to weird, or anything that pings in my head as relevant. It will be in no particular order. Some will have more explanations that others - likely fill in the blanks later.
  1. Dragging Down my own Kokusho to survive and win Round 14 of GP-Vegas 2013 keeping the Pro Tour dream alive
  2. Tribal Flamesing Shuhei Nakamura for 5 and watching his hand extend as I finished the 13-2 journey at Vegas 2013
  3. Chromanticore on a Chromanticore in a limited Theros/Theros/Born GPT Top 8 draft
  4. Back to back EoT + Main Phase Volcanic Geysers for 8 to win the M14 limited PTQ after being demoralized game 1
  5. Top 4 a PTQ on kidney stones
  6. Finals opponent of 1999 PTQ refusing a prize split in the finals and then getting obliterated.
  7. Judge having to decide who would present decks first in Mexico City
  8. Top 4ing a PTQ with first time ever playing Kiki Pod
  9. Stronghold Prerelease marathon
  10. Winning Feature match Rd 9 of GP Oakland vs Eric Froelich to get my only GP 9-0 day 1.
  11. Playing a local tournament in Abilene on Independence Day with a Red, White, and Blue deck I called Star-Spangled Slaughter.
  12. My regionals opponent that refused to draw into Top 8 with me running my Moldy Candycane deck, and then him beating me to finish 9th
  13. Seeing the sick Black/Red/Blue pool/deck with double Crosis Chris opened at the Invasion Pre-Rel after learning Magic the night before.
  14. Jeff Zandi announcing me as "Scott 'I don't lose at prereleases' Gerhardt" after my 3rd undefeated deck at the Invasion pre-release.
  15. Beating the Japanese "Super Team" (Watanabe, Saito, Tsumura) at GP Portland