Restaurants in DC that have a spot in my heart and stomach.
  1. Rose's Luxury. Because when one of your dishes has 14 ingredients and two of them include red onion and crushed peanuts but you still melt in your seat, of course you take the top spot. #heaven
  2. Buredo. Because giant sushi burritos with all the crunchies. #america
  3. Meridian pint. Because one place to take dates, have hangover brunches, late night beers, and get berated on your lack of 90's punk rock trivia is my kind of spot. #beermadness
  4. El Rey. Because I'll just have one more taco to go with my pitcher of margarita. #wasted
  5. Super taco. Because everyone needs that hole in the wall taco spot that also sells wedding cakes. #decisions
  6. Masa 14. Because giving me a reason to put on my old jeans that were too big for me is the responsible thing to do. #ecofriendly
  7. Duke's Grocery. Because the proper burger is the only burger for me. #bliss
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  8. Sos your mom. Because a NY deli style breakfast bagel with all the fixins keeps me lazy. #cashonly
  9. Busboys & Poets
    When I lived in Columbia Heights I was at the U Street location constantly. My favorite casual option that I could go to all the time.
    Suggested by @macnchz
  10. Oyamel
    I'm a Jose Andres fan and this is my fav of his.
    Suggested by @macnchz
  11. Ghibellina
    Best happy hour. Open air when it's nice out. Amazing cocktails, good prices. Pizza that you cut with scissors!
    Suggested by @jacqanders
  12. Jaleo. TAPAS!!!
    Suggested by @cakecaroline