1917 Hollywood Centennials

I decided to post this a few days early, since it feels like EVERYONE died in 2016! Fingers crossed, three people on this list may be alive for their Centennials including the voice of Granny and Rocky the Flying Squirrel
  1. Jane Wyman (January 5)
    Born Sarah Jane Mayfield TCM's Star of the Month for January
  2. Ernest Borgnine (January 24)
    Born Ermes Effron Borgnino
  3. Zsa Zsa Gabor (February 6)
    Born Sari Gabor
  4. Desi Arnaz (March 2)
    Born Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III
  5. Celeste Holm (April 29)
  6. Danielle Darrieux (May 1)
    Will celebrate 100th birthday
  7. David Tomlinson (May 7)
    Known as the dad from Mary Poppins
  8. Raymond Burr (May 21)
    TV's Perry Mason
  9. John F. Kennedy (May 29)
    35th President of the United States
  10. Dean Martin (June 7)
    Born Dino Paul Crocetti
  11. Susan Hayward (June 30)
    Born Edythe Marrenner Born on the same day as Lena Horne
  12. Lena Horne (June 30)
    Born on the same day as Susan Hayward
  13. Robert Mitchum (August 6)
  14. Marjorie Reynolds (August 12)
    Born Marjorie Goodspeed
  15. June Foray (September 18)
    Born June Forer Will celebrate 100th birthday
  16. June Allyson (October 7)
    Born Eleanor Geisman
  17. Marsha Hunt (October 17)
    Will celebrate 100th birthday
  18. Joan Fontaine (October 22)
    Born Joan De Havilland
  19. Ann Rutherford (November 2)
    Born Therese Ann Rutherford
  20. Arthur C. Clarke (December 16)
  21. Ossie Davis (December 18)
    Born Raiford Chatman Davis
  22. Audrey Totter (December 20)