December Centennials

Here are some of the most famous people born in December-one will be around to celebrate it next Friday!
  1. Richard Fleischer (December 8)
    Directed The Narrow Margin, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (starring another December centennial!), Soylent Green, and the infamous Doctor Doolittle
  2. Kirk Douglas ( December 9)
    Happy 100th Spartacus!
  3. Mark Stevens ( December 13)
    Co-starred with July centenarian Olivia DeHavilland in 1948's The Snake Pit
  4. Shirley Jackson December 14)
    Wrote the famous short story The Lottery
  5. Betty Grable (December 18)
    Her legs were insured for on million dollars
  6. Roy Ward Baker ( December 19)
    Directed by 1958's A Night to Remember